Thursday, March 10, 2011

Luxuria Pheromone Body Cream

Today I am going to talk about one of my NEW favorite products from Fantasia Home Parties, the Luxuria Pheromone Body Cream.

To begin, let me tell you that up until recently, I have never been a big fan of lotion. Over the last few years, especially during the winter time, I have noticed that the skin on my right hand (mostly between my fingers and knuckles) has become very, very dry. It's still a mystery to me why this does not happen to both hands.

Anyway, being that I love some of the scents from Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret, I decided to invest in some much needed lotion. At least once a day, I would lather my hands up with Vanilla Bean Noel or Love Spell, and while the scents were great, I did not feel like it made my hands less dry. I was quite disappointed and felt like I had no other choice but to deal with an extremely dry hand. The colder it was outside, the more likely it was for my skin to break and for my knuckles to start bleeding.

Once I signed up to be a Fantasia Home Parties representative again, I was excited to discuss the latest sex toys and lubricants with my customers, but not very confident talking about the lotions and massage oils. I was determined to learn more about these products by trying them out myself. That was when I discovered the healing power of the Luxuria Pheromone Body Cream!

My initial thought about the product was, "here is another type of lotion that probably won't work." I know that sounds very pessimistic. But boy, was I wrong! So what makes Fantasia's product more desirable than the other lotions out there?

The main difference has to be the hemp seed oil. If you Google "hemp seed oil benefits," you'll find a list of websites that have a lot of helpful information. Between the trainings from Fantasia Home Parties and my own research, I found that hemp seed oil is absorbed into the skin and does not just sit right on top of it. It did an amazing job nourishing and moisturizing my hands that I've even decided to use it on other parts of my body, such as my face and legs, which also have the tendency to be dry.

There are also two other added bonuses about Luxuria Pheromone Body Cream. The obvious one is that it has pheromones in it. Pheromones are natural chemicals that attract others to us. Everybody produces them, but they get washed off in the shower or when you take a bath. So rumor has it that if you wear a product that has pheromones in it, you may have luck meeting a new partner or you may be able to entice your current partner with it.

The other thing that I like about the Luxuria Pheromone Body Cream is that it has a very light, sweet vanilla scent to it. You can smell it when you first put it on and then it fades away a little bit. I personally like this a lot because I can still wear my favorite perfume and the lotion does not clash with it.

The Luxuria Pheromone Body Cream comes in a 3 oz. bottle and sells for $9.95. It is certainly unique and like no other lotion out there! For more information or to purchase this product, click here.

Thank you for stopping by and be sure to stay tuned for more about Fantasia Home Parties products and sexuality education!

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